Nonprofit Grants in North Carolina

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits is:

A united voice for NC’s nonprofit sector

The Center works hard to defend the interests of the whole sector. It defeated proposed legislation that would have eliminated nonprofits’ sales taxes refunds and tax deductions for charitable giving.

A trusted advocate by legislators and nonprofits

You may receive timely policy updates about information you need to know about proposed legislation which directly affects your tax exemption, compliance, and budget.

A reliable source on best practices for tax-exempt nonprofits

You can use resources like “Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence,” “Guidebook for Nonprofit Boards of Directors,” and legal compliance checklists to make sure you keep the public trust.

A champion for the nonprofit sector and the public good

They exist to help protect the entire sector, from modernizing endowment investment laws, to reducing red tape for nonprofit-governmental relations, to protecting charitable giving incentives.

A treasure trove on best practices and confidential assistance 

The member benefits include carefully-selected resources at Information Central about governance and management, the Statewide Conference, briefings on legal and accounting changes, pro bono consultations in accounting, HR, marketing law, and coaching.

A negotiator of ways to save you money

They have also negotiated enormous cost savings on unemployment insurance, retirement plans, as well as other necessities, from software to supplies. The member benefits have helped NC nonprofits save millions of dollars.

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Contact Information:

5800 Faringdon Place
North Carolina

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