San Francisco Aid for Animals

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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Dedicated to keeping companion animals and their families together.


San Francisco Aid for Animals’ mission aims to make urgent life-saving veterinary treatment affordable for families who are financially struggling. They provide grants to local veterinarians, which allow Bay Area residents to be able afford life-saving medical treatment for their pets.

About San Francisco Aid for Animals

San Francisco Aid for Animals, a nonprofit completely run by volunteers, raises funds for families that can’t afford to provide life-saving treatment for their pets.

To provide funds, they currently work directly with veterinary hospitals. San Francisco Aid for Animals is available to pet owners who need financial assistance. For a complete list of affiliated veterinary clinics, please visit our About page.

How to Get Help

San Francisco Aid for Animals has partnered with veterinary hospitals in the Bay Area who match their grants to provide in-kind services.

Individuals are not eligible for funds. Therefore, pet owners must visit one of the participating veterinary hospitals to seek to be eligible for a SFAFA grant.

If you require more information or direction, please send an email to [email protected].

Its also worth taking a look at SF SPCA – Financial Assistance and SFCCC Veterinary Street Outreach Services (VET SOS).