Nonprofit Grants in New Jersey

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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New Jersey Center for Nonprofits

The Center has been New Jersey’s sole umbrella organization for all charities since its establishment in 1982.

They strengthen nonprofits with knowledge and tools to be more effective in pursuing their missions through advocacy, management and legal assistance, and cost-saving programs.

Serving Those Who Serve

  • High quality legal and management information
  • Expert phone and email consultation
  • Timely online and email news and articles
  • Workshops and webinars available at affordable prices on topics that nonprofits require
  • Customized training and coaching

Strengthening the Voice the Nonprofit Sector

  • They provide the most comprehensive information on nonprofits in New Jersey
  • Advocate for nonprofits in Trenton and Washington
  • Research and public education are two ways to communicate the value of nonprofits
  • Unifying the state’s nonprofits around shared goals

Helping Nonprofits Stretch the Scarce Resources

  • Insurance, unemployment trusts, merchant services, payroll, and many other cost-saving programs are just a few of the many options.
  • Members get discounts on publications and workshops – often 30% or more
  • By being the first-stop resource for information, referrals and services, they can leverage the dollars of nonprofits.

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Contact Information:

3635 Quakerbridge Road
Suite 35
New Jersey
(732) 227-0800

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