Nonprofit Grants in Pennsylvania

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Hannah Stevens

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Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations

PANO is the membership organization available across the state that serves and advances the nonprofit sector through advocacy, collaboration, education, and other services to help improve the quality of life in the state of Pennsylvania. It exists in order to support the amazing work of the nonprofit sector, and to highlight the important role nonprofits play. Communities in Pennsylvania and the power to do good will prosper if everyone recognizes their common values and works together.

PANO provides many membership benefits to increase your voice, build your capacity, connect you with other leaders of nonprofits, and maximize your resources to save you some time and money.

They believe that nonprofits are important, and the amazing work you do strengthens the communities. Everyone is grateful!

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Contact Information:

4801 Lindle Road
(717) 236-8584

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