Nonprofit Grants in Vermont

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Common Good Vermont

Connect. Learn. Thrive.

Common Good Vermont believes nonprofit organizations in Vermont are part of a larger social economy created to improve the well-being of its citizens and the environment. The nonprofit sector of Vermont affects every resident of the state. The 3500+ state-funded public charities enrich the culture and beauty of the state, as well as providing essential services, and protecting the environment. This sector is an important economic engine that creates over 44,000 jobs and employs 13% of the state workers.

The Goal: A Vibrant Nonprofit Sector Contributing to Vermont’s Well-being

Common Good Vermont is the sole statewide organization dedicated to strengthening and unifying all mission-driven organizations serving the Green Mountain State. It is the “go-to” resource for all your peers, helping them to share their resources, learn new skills, and form partnerships. This work is possible because of meaningful collaboration with many state, local, and regional leaders, aiming for a vibrant and thriving nonprofit sector contributing to the well-being of Vermont.

Success Indicators

Common Good Vermont’s work focuses on the development of leadership, accountability, sustainability, and advocacy skills among their allies and other nonprofits. If they are successful:

  • The nonprofit sector in Vermont will be considered efficient, essential, and effective.
  • Staff, board members, and supporters of Vermont nonprofits will have easy access to mission-critical resources at a reasonable price.

Connect with Common Good Vermont

They provide many services to all of the mission-driven community of Vermont:

Brief History

Common Good Vermont was established in 2008, with the support from the Vermont Community Foundation and the A.D. Henderson Foundation. It was launched in order to meet the state’s capacity building needs, and to strengthen a network of staff, board members, consultants, and allies who work on Vermont’s behalf. Common Good Vermont was inspired from the previous work of Vermont Association of Nonprofit Organizations (VANPO) and The Future of Vermont’s Nonprofit Sector: A Framework for Stewardship and Success (Grafton Conference, 2007). It has since grown to a strong network of 4,500 people who attend events, share resources, subscribe to regular communications, and lead everyone into the future. Without their partners and underwriters, the work would not have been possible. The CCTV Center for Media & Democracy, founded in 1984, manages the Common Good Vermont to create communities through collaboration and media.

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Contact Information:

294 North Winooski Avenue
(802) 497-0811

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